Branding & marketing design

Bingley’s brew

Norton, MA

Earlier this year, Rita & Justin tied the knot.
In the spirit of sharing with family & friends,
they decided to brew their own beer
to celebrate new beginnings.

We worked together to create their label
which pays homage to Herman Melville,
the City of New Bedford, Rita & Justin's infallible love,
and of course their Brittany Spaniel pup, Mr. Bingley. 

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The 48 Beer project

Maine, New England

Artist Heidi Geist started a traveling project with her sights set on
working with 48 breweries across the US, to brew beers and custom
illustrate labels at each and every stop.

Her retro-fitted school bus home, that she affectionately calls ‘Fearless’,
made one of it’s very first visits here in Massachusetts, and I collaborated
with Heidi to create this secondary logo for her travels.

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Fearless 3.jpg
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African Food & Peace FoundatioN

Boston, MA

African Food and Peace Foundation (AFPF) is a 501(c)3
non-profit organization that promotes community-supported
development projects in Africa by providing
financial and strategic resources.

Based out of the Greater Boston area for nearly 35 years,
AFPF supports grassroots initiatives in East Africa
and empowers rural Ugandan communities.

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Exceptional lives

Boston, MA | Baton Rouge, LA

Exceptional Lives is a is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization
that provides free resources and easy-to-read information
for parents and caregivers of children and
young adults with disabilities.

Their mission is to close the information gap
and ensure that every family has the information
they need to help their exceptional child thrive. 

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The Alchemist Pharmacy

Kingston, Jamaica

A customer oriented team of pharmacists with
a restorative and transformative view on healthcare. 

Logo and brand design

The Alchemist Pharmacy logo.jpg
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